from Promised Land

From the ship, we could see it in the distance
As the fog was finally lifting
We had come to the shores of Summerday
Gently landing, we jumped out on the sand and found our way
Where the dirt was soft and black
We started digging a garden
And soon we found the woods that we'd call
The forest of Arden for to play

When we came to Summerday
On the shores of Summerday
We will live in Summerday

And we climbed a stony mountain
We were boisterous then quiet
As we thought about what instruments to make
Soon we started to build the uillean pipes and fine guitars
Then we scouted out the hollows for solitude and silence
And we found the places we could meet by the blue and glassy river
Under stars where the paper lanterns sway

In the streets of Summerday
Trust the night and trust the day
Sun and moon of Summerday

We are pilgrims in the land between religions
We are following our children
And we paint in different colors every day
And if we're true to our hearts they will grow up and want to stay
We will work beside them as they build modest houses
And on a misty April morning we'll rest the shovels on the fence
And die and become a summer day

Oh, the fields of Summerday
And the flowers of Summerday
They will live in Summerday

To the shores of Summerday
So we sail to Summerday
We will live in Summerday

updated: 4 years ago