The Business of Things

from Promised Land

It's a cold, cold time. It's a cold, cold time,
And it makes me wonder
If I'll ever forget
How cold I
How cold I and the world can be.

And the line gets drawn, and we draw the line,
And we say it's only
The business of things.
How can it be?
How can it be when it's you and me?

I can't live in the past,
Hard-shelled and moving fast,
Change, it's the race car of time.
Everyone nods along,
I have done nothing wrong,
And it feels like a crime.

And it's a bright new day,
It's a bright new day,
And the crazy thing is
That I wish my old friend
Would say that it's fine,
Say I'll be fine in a cold, cold time.

updated: 4 years ago