Go To The Woods

from Promised Land

It's the woods! What do you see?
In all the spooky shadows, in the forest of green
Is there a windy path, angry ass woman who will eat you?
Sad-eyed lumberjack, savior who will greet you?
It's a different story for you and for me
Go to the woods and see

Out in the storybook land are many leagues of the wild
Wise and uncontainable as a windy-haired child
There are the youth truth movements and they're springing from the ground
Freak flag wavers and you cannot chop them down
Hey, it's the home of the brave, you'll get the threat of the free
Go to the woods and see

Are you afraid of the woods?
Are you afraid of the woods?

And if I was your memory, what would you do?
'Cause you know if you go back in time there's something waiting for you
You've got your forest path, reading, math, dappling of shade
You can just admit it, there's a promise that you made
And you can't have the past back, but you can hold me
Go to the woods and see

I am afraid of the woods

I am afraid of the woods
But what I fear more, what I fear most
More than the man, the beast, or the ghost
Is that the woods are disappearing
So when I go back, when I finally dare
You know the woods'll be gone
You know they just won't be there

Rambling and rambling, rambling and rambling

updated: 4 years ago