Holly Tree

from Promised Land

When the robin builds in the holly tree,
It's a sign of life, its gentle victory.
Well, today as I set to go,
I saw a nest in a tree hollow.

Oh Emily, you're a brave girl,
With your husband gone to the other world.
Sing a hymn while I light the fire;
We'll be joined by a heavenly choir.

Here's the tansy and the chamomile tea for you to drink,
As the pain increases, well you only have to think
About a baby. We'll save the baby.

I placed a holly sprig by the doctor's door.
He has done this well and many times before,
He'll be careful which way he goes,
But he's been kind to us farm widows.

And this I heard just the other day
That they came to buy, and you chose to stay.
Soon a child will help you reap and sow,
May he cast a long shadow.

But you say the trials are coming, you have felt the gathering forces,
And the galloping you hear is of one too many horses,
But rest your head my darling girl, there won't be any danger,
Any Christian ever loved an infant in a manger
Saves the baby. They'll save the baby.

Now the pastor comes, shakes the farmer's hand.
Says, "The earth will bear like the Promised Land.
You have heard the stories down below,
But God will bless this farm hollow."

Now the farmer's wife shudders, pulls the shawl up to her shoulder.
Every time she nears the hearth she feels a little colder.
Where's the baby? There was a baby.

updated: 4 years ago