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I Never Knew

from I'll Meet You Here

[Verse 1]
Love was like a stranger I felt lucky just to let inside
I said "Oh love, now tell me what I'll have to change
And what I'll have to hide for love"
Always shifting into something else I thought that was the price
Tell me what I'll have to sacrifice
And I will lay it down, I will lay it down

I never knew love would tell me I was worth the fight
I never knew love could hear the wrong and see the right
I never knew I could tell the truth thе whole thing
I look up and you're still listening
'Causе I never knew

[Verse 2]
Love was like a pilot sped me through the clouds to Mandalay
I said "Oh love, I thought we'd rest a while
But now I see we're going to stay right here"
And I said it's for the best, I'm sure I had no better plans
Ask me what it is that I'm still holding in my hands
And I will lay it down, I will lay it down

I never knew love could ask what I was searching for
I never knew love would walk beside me through the door
Never knew it would open up the atlas for me
Hold the map to find my story
'Cause I never knew

I thought love was hoping that you had enough
To give to someone else
No one ever told me I should lift my hand
And ask for love myself
But it wasn't a surprise to know I told myself a pack of lies

Whenever I'd rush to answer every beck and call
I knew in my heart that wasn't really love at all
You might go and the sky will fall, the oceans grieve
The earth will shake
I'll still believe in love
I just never knew

updated: 4 months ago