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from I'll Meet You Here

Let us begin

[Verse 1]
By the Bay waters
Berkeley's daughters
Called me to be an Aquarian child
I was the crazed model
For somebody's novel
Bought from the bookstore where Howl was on trial

And there we unraveled and dutifully travelled
Out of our minds there
We were out of our minds there
Going out of our minds to find something better

[Verse 2]
The old world was fading
The canvas was waiting
Pale eucalyptus and lavendеr light
We courted the mayhеm
Talked with our brethren
They yelled at the sun and they wandered at night

And everything mattered, all blissed out and tattered
And out of their minds
Oh, they were out of their minds, oh
Floating out of their minds to find something better

[Verse 3]
I met you there later
A candlelit Seder
Holy polemics we thought were long gone
And Berkeley, still Pagan
Still angry at Reagan
Brought us to bed by the luminous dawn

Our souls and their secrets promised to keep us
Out of all time, there
In a place out of time, there
And whatever we'd find we'd find it together

[Verse 4]
Those indelible places
We only see traces
Dubious auras of purple and green
And now it's commuters
With silver computers
Fed into trains bound for Moloch's machine

[Verse 5]
I still have my moments
My signs and my omens
Holding my faith there like rain in a cloud
Where up from the ruins
Some kind of union
Has us remembering and laughing out loud
By the blue water
I was the daughter
Heart of the world with the mind of a child

And we'd find it together

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