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Let the Wind Blow

from I'll Meet You Here

[Verse 1]
O the stories we could tell, my adventurous friend
And the perils that we faced on our journey homeward
We were sailing in the open and the storm was coming fast
So we jumped up to our posts, but the rudder split in half
So here comes the wave
It came crashing on the deck, twisted up the sail
But then we saw the land and we jumped into the sea

Let the wind blow, rescued in each other's arms
We watched the sun rise up again

[Verse 2]
So we marched into the day, our machetes lifted high
Blazing through the thorny vines on our journey homeward
But we heard the distant cry and we saw the cloud of smoke
But by then it was too late, and we couldn't turn around
So here comes the fire
We were coughing as we ran, trees fell in the path
But then we saw the rocks and we climbed 'til we were free

Let the wind blow, you pulled me up into your arms
We watched the sun rise up again

As we scaled the deep crevasse
How we marveled at our fortunes and the genius of our ways
I'm sorry for the day we couldn't venture on
It's what I should have guessed, there was never any home

[Verse 3]
Will they find a splintered boat, the trunk of letters in the sand
And a flag upon a hill beyond the blackened forest?
Down a winding garden path there's a creaky little house
I'll be writing at my desk looking out upon my town
So here comes the end
I will close this book tonight, pass the golden pen along
To the heroes of love, great storytellers all

updated: 4 months ago