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Book Of Love

Tell me what you see, is it close to what you dreamed?
If I play a part can I be redeemed?
We pore through the passages from leather volumed shelves,
But they only leave us wondering, can we find ourselves
In the book of love?v In the book of love?

Looking for the one, waiting on a day,
Countless dinner parties, and all the games we play,
All for some processional, a solemn wedding vow,
A picture in a picture frame that
Beauty can allow
In the book of love.
In the book of love.

Love becomes a temple, and we begin to fear
That an unfeeling oracle will say, "You did come near,
But you are not welcome here."

This is who I am, it's all the places I have been,
The fondness and regret, and every love that I've been in.
And I've played all the characters, the fool, the friend, the wife,
And no matter what the ending is, the story of my life
Is the book of love.
Is the book of love.