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All night long, and half the next day
Oh, I'm in trouble now
All of the pay phones along the interstate
And I am the last to know
All of our memories appear on the road to me
No matter what I do
There's a lot of nice sights from Denver to Memphis
And all I can see is you

I used to be grateful for all of the travel
But now I can't really tell
Away on business, headed for Memphis
Oh but I'm on the road to hell
You put the blame on me for taking the things I need
Some of those things came true
I waited my whole life just to see Memphis
Now all I can see is you

Voices are calling me on
Sometimes the voices you hear can be wrong
I thought of stopping and maybe calling
But I know what you would say
That a whole world of love shared by two people
Some things can never change
It still confuses me, this is why you would leave
Do what you have to do
I saw my choices and I chose Memphis
Now all I can see is you
All I can see is you