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Guest appearances on cool shows!

November 8th at 8pm

This Sunday Dar will be the Special Guest on TIME OUT (streaming event), an intimate evening of legendary songwriters in the round, sharing the stories behind the songs performed like you've never heard them before.

Time Out: Legends Series features Grammy Award Winner Don Henry, lyrical storytelling master Dar Williams, and Grammy Nominated singer-songwriter Kim Richey. Hosted by The Accidentals- Sav Buist and Katie Larson. Join us in the virtual space and get to know the legendary songwriters behind the hits. Tickets are available via CrowdCast:
November 17th at 3pm
Join Dar for a joyful and uplifting conversation with award-winning poet and author Irene O'Garden on The Glad to Be Human Show, Find the stream at Irene's Facebook Page. We'll talk about Dar's inspiring book "What I Found In a Thousand Towns" and find out what makes her Glad to Be Human!

December 10th at 7pm
Next Dar Williams streamed show... More details soon

January - *New* Day-long online Songwriting Retreats - Stay tuned!

PLUS, a thank you shout out to Illinois Wesleyan University for putting "What I Found in a Thousand Towns" in their syllabus for their Citizen Scholar course! Dar will be meeting with the class for a private Zoom event next week.