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A Thousand Towns

OFF THE SHELF | Book Review The Secret in a Thousand Towns by Sabrina Sucato

OFF THE SHELF  Book Review The Secret in a Thousand Towns by Sabrina Sucato

What I Found In A Thousand Towns is a must read for anyone interested in natural community building or for those who have stepped foot into one of the towns that Williams mentions. She narrates in the first person and interjects her insights and observations throughout the text. Although she visits these towns to perform, she experiences them much like the rest of us would. She drinks coffee at the cafes, meanders the sidewalks with her family, and asks locals about the best eats. Her well wishes for the spaces on her tour stops are often endearing. When she discusses the wonders that the Dia:Beacon museum and the local cafe culture have done for Beacon, for instance, it is hard not to nod in agreement.

Whether you identify as an armchair observer, a conscious bridger, or somewhere inbetween, the book is well worth the read. With a fresh, first-person perspective and an inviting conversational tone, the pages fly by as Williams introduces each community. By the end of each chapter, it feels as though you have been right beside Williams during her conversations with community shapers and her observational walks around town. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering about the fastest route to Moab, Utah, or the next foodie festival in the Finger Lakes. Positive proximity is powerful stuff.